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Pepe Escobar discusses what went wrong in Geneva. Why did the French sabotage the peace agreement with Iran? Are the GCC monarchs and the Israeli Zionist finally going to lose in the long run? Why is France playing 'Stupid' on Iran?

My friend Rocky joins us today as a regular American just explaining the kind of unbelievable things Americans have to put up with in their healthcare system by giving some personal accounts.  


Mike Rivero talks about his next moves in media. Rivero explains the big picture in foreign policy and its relations to dollar politics and central banking, frivolous military spending, arbitrary credit ratings that are based on politics not reality, Israel's continued insanity and a possible push for Saudi Arabia to move closer to China.


Dr. Philip Caper discusses the pros and cons of ACA (Obamacare) why healthcare needs to be a voting issue and a much better solution to the high cost of American Healthcare than ACA or the current system


(this was recorded while two typhoons were hitting Japan so I apologize for the audio in some spots. I fixed it the best I could) Jeff Blankfort discusses the role the Israeli lobbies in America, and how the left screams no war for oil while ignoring all the evidence to the contrary and everything pointing to the Israeli influence over US foreign policy.  


 Gilad Atzmon talks about Jewish Power aka Jewish racism and the controlled opposition of the     'progressive' left who limit the range of debate on Israel.  

Pepe Escobar and I explain the Bo Xilia Saga and the ten year plan for China.  Mafia, poisonings, phone tapping, murder, downfall, and political chess playing in China.... Too much to explain. Plus a bit on China's energy future. Also read "Welcome to Hotel Bo Xilai"


Thomas C Mountain, the most widely distributed independent journalist in Africa, give a recent history  for the horn of Africa and discusses the compounding problems of drought, foreign backed paramilitary factions, and predatory lending which have destroyed the economies for the people in Ethiopia and Somalia especially.  How do millions die with almost complete silence from the mass media?   What is the strategic significance of Somalia for the West? Where does Al-Shabaab get its finances? Did "Dirty Wars" even scratch the surface of the corruption in the area?  How badly have humanitarian organizations like UNICEF failed or even contributed to the oppression and starvation of the people they are supposed to be helping? Tune in. Also read "Ethiopia 10 Million Human Tsunami"

Nicolas J.S. Davies author of “Blood on our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq,” joins us today to explain how the West intentionally sabotaged the diplomatic peace process for Syria while simultaneously giving covert support to the Syrian opposition forces as the peace talks were taking place. Make no mistake about it, peace was never the aim. The failure of a diplomatic solution from international bodies was simply a necessary step to take to give the public the appearance of a failed nonviolent solution. What has been the press’s role? Where does Obama stand?

Dr Joseph Gerson joins us today to explain the ‘soft power politics’ that piggy back on the militarist saber rattling. How does the Nuclear proliferation in North Korea drive a wedge in US hegemony and spoil the economic encircling of China with pro-US allies who are leveraged into economic trade agreements by the US’s protection gambit? Tune in hear the details.