Pepe Escobar From Asia Times.

Will the House of Saud pivot to China?
The House of Saud's anger with the Obama administration begs the question of whether Riyadh dreams of pivoting to China. Cash-rich and oil-thirsty, the aspiring superpower would make a welcome hands-off partner. So far, King Abdullah offers no evidence of escaping the US "special relationship". But when the petrodollar system crashes and burns, the pivot begins

'Our' weaponized Wahhabi bastards

Weaponizing "our" Wahhabi bastards, as the United States is doing with the latest transfer of heavy metal to Saudi Arabia, provides a never-ending bonanza for the industrial-military complex. Yet there is a glitch to the cozy relationship: the House of Saudi has just won a two-year, rotating UN Security Council seat from which to launch heavily weaponized Arab princes at the rest of the world.